about me


An about me page For those who likes things wrapped up in simple packages 

  • Before my first solo trip to Europe, I decided I should purchase a nice camera for my trip. I never stopped taking photos since.
  • I have always loved people watching. It's the introvert in me.
  •  I notice the smallest things about a person. It is that skill that makes my photos genuine. 
  • I am an introverted extrovert. Meaning, being around people give me energy. I love social events. I love going out and meeting new people. At the same time, I have no problems sitting back at these social events and just observe. I also have no problems eating at a restaurant by myself, actually half the times I prefer to eat alone. I am also known to spend weekends by myself on my bed binge watching or binge reading. 
  • I love to laugh. Make me laugh and I instantly love you.
  • And because I love to laugh, I pretty much love all humor. From puns to South Park type humor. 
  • My style of photography goes from light and airy to dark and moody (mostly dark and moody). I just go with what feels right and what feels the most real.
  • I write poetry.
  • I am only 4'11"
  • I am clumsy. so clumsy. I have been seen tripping over flat ground.
  • Starbucks addict. I know. How basic.
  • NYC is my favorite city. The city that never sleeps.
  • I also never sleep.
  • I am a contributor for the "I Love New Haven" Page. I want to help show the world my little town of New Haven - past Yale.