What sets me apart from all the other photographers you've probably already researched? 

I am  a mother of five wonderful girls

As a mother, I know it is in the little moments and in the smallest details that the core of who our children are, shines the most.

As a photographer, I make sure I pay close attention and capture those exact moments. It seems it is only in-between blinks that our children go from babies to kids to teenagers.  

So many times we are so consumed by our responsibilities as parents, we forget how fleeting childhood is. And we don't get that time back. Can I give you a remote control that can freeze time and allow your children to be children just a little bit longer, while we figure out how to navigate through our own lives? No. But I can with all of my skill, expertise, and passion for photography, take a piece of that time and manifest it into something beautifully tangible that you will always have.

That is why photography is so important. It gives us a piece of that time to look back on. And not just through the thousands of digital image files sitting in our phones, USB, or computers. But artistically taken, carefully made, and professionally printed photos. Because only things of that quality can come close to showing just how beautiful our children are.