Studio Q is a boutique Portrait Photography Studio in Southern CT. We specialize in Intimate Portrait Photography, or more commonly referred to as Boudoir Photography. We keep our bookings limited to ensure our ability to provide a full-service experience for every client. Our boudoir sessions have unlimited studio time. That means the day of your shoot, our top priority is you. However long it takes you to relax, enjoy, and get beautiful photos is the time that you will get. We take great pride in what we do and make sure that our work reflects that.


Before the session 

We will discuss the important details of your upcoming session. I will learn your favorite parts about you and discuss the parts you may feel a little insecure about. Have some ideas or photos you just absolutely love and want to try? We will go through each idea. I will put in all the effort to have those ideas conceptualized. Need suggestions? I’ll have you covered. We’ll go over prep, wardrobe tips, music, and what you’re comfortable with. I make sure all your questions and concerns are answered. I want to make sure you go into your session without any worries. Nerves are of course okay. 


The photo session

Arrive by yourself or with a friend to Studio Q, where I and our professional hair and makeup stylist will be ready to pamper and spoil you. Champagne, snacks, and water are provided. First, you’ll have your hair and makeup done. A playlist tailored to you will be playing, helping you to relax. Go through our client closet and see if there are any pieces you want to wear for your session. Once our team has you looking your best, I’ll guide you through your session. I will pose you down to your pinky. I am a big klutz so I am sure I will embarrass myself before you would have a chance to. Feel free to laugh :)  At first you will be nervous, but after a few poses the nerves melt away and that innate sensuality will come through effortlessly. 



After your session, go home and relax. Or better yet, take full advantage of your professionally done hair and makeup! I’ll get to work on editing your images. Reveals are 7-14 days after your session. No sneak peaks are given. It's always more fun to build up excitement :)  

At your reveal, see 20 hand picked 7x10 images in 11x14 mats on our gallery wall. Take your time enjoying your photos and looking through the rest. You choose only what images and products you love for your order. All our products are provided by qualified vendors that serve the professional photography industry and are of utmost, fine art quality. Order a Folio Box and go home with your photos the same day.


Questions? Comments? Need more information? Contact me below. 

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