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✦ a full release of all images to be used for marketing purposes, this includes all social media platforms, websites, and different publications should Studio Querencia use your image for submission. ✦ Share a detailed description of your experience on your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Snapchat, etc.) and within your social circles. ✦ Write a comprehensive review of your boudoir experience with us on google, facebook, facebook VIP page, and instagram. ✦ Adhere to any and all other rules laid out in the Brand Ambassador contract sent to those who are selected to continue. ✦ Become a moderator of our VIP FB page "The Midnight Society," where you will help generate and stimulate member activity. As we are also looking for women who share our desire and passion for female empowerment and body positivity, you will also be required to post as a moderator on a rotating schedule. ✦ Be interviewed and featured on our website blog